Non-profit Makeover

We recently helped a client leave Network for Good (NfG) for a more powerful marketing automation plaform at a lower monthly cost.

NfG is a fairly simple system which seems designed to help small non-profits manage contacts and donations, and send email communications. It also has a donation page builder. One downside is the price – the client was paying over $200 a month, with under 1000 contacts.

From No Strategy…To Strategy…

We prefer to build systems around more specialized systems, which leads to better functionality and modularity and less lock-in…it is easier to switch systems for better performance, value, and/or cost.  When each component of a system has a well-defined and distinct function, it is easier to upgrade parts of the system when better options arise, which they always do in software.

We replaced the donation page with a page hosted on the existing web platform.

We replaced the integrated donation management function with, a single-purpose service which offers connectivity via an API. DonorBox has feature parity (and MORE) with NfG, notably around Employer Match of donations, among others.

We replaced the simple spreadsheet like data management with a real (relational) marketing automation platform with man-decades of effort behind it, based on an Open Source CRM, with some 40+ modules available.  A custom module was developed to integrate donations with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

In review, we moved the client from NfG, which we consider to offer a poor value proposition (functionality/price) and excessive lock-in to a real and modular business system.  The client is enjoying a 75% reduction in monthly software cost, a sub-six-month payback on the project, and looking forward to powerful automations that were not possible previously.

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