Basic Authentication from a Groundhogg Webhook Action is one of the top two CRMs for WordPress.

It does a lot in the Core, and there are addons for functional requirements like Contracts, and technical/functional ones like Zapier integration.  If you run a WordPress based site that has any business functions at all, you sell products, etc., I recommend you check it out.

This tip, per the subject, is about authorizing to an API from the Webhook Action.  This, you can think of as skipping the Zapier/Integromat/Integrately layer.

The Webhook action configuration is pretty simple, the basics are here.  As  usual, the docs are pretty good, and public.

But, if you are trying to fire an API that uses Basic Authentication (the API provider should let you know), then you need to do two things :

  1. Base64 encode your username/password (aka API Key and Secret) using a site like , noting the delimiter to be used between the two parts – Zapier uses | (the pipe character), others use a colon.  This is an important detail.
  2. Once you have the Base64 encoded string, you put that into a Header called Authorization in the Webhook Action, following the word Basic and a space.

After that, you can use the Test button to fire your API.

Happy Hunting!

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