Creating Two Contacts from a Single Form Submission

In come cases, you may want to create multiple contacts from a single form submission, so that you can market to and track them separately.  If you are selling a high value product or one with major life implcations, there may be multiple decision-makers.  Or, you may want to capture multiple contacts from a team, especially in B2B, where there are almost always multiple people involved in the decision.

So, here is the basic process :

  1. Save the info of contact A into the custom fields (meta) of Contact B
  2. Send a webhook request to a webhook listener in the same site with the details of Contact A
  3. The webhook listener will create a 2nd contact with those details.

We have implemented this process for clients.

No authorization is required by the Webhook Listener.  You simply need to capture the meta on the form, pass it to the Webhook call, and map the received data in the Webhook Listener.

You will see your secondary Contacts in your Contacts list, where you can apply the same autmations to them.

Do note :  If you are using a Coming Soon plugin (in development mode), it may block the passing of webhooks.  You may want to use a staging site that can be uncloaked (security through obscurity) while keeping the primary domain behind the Coming Soon plugin.

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