Why (and Why Not) Groundhogg? And Why FluentCRM

Aside from the funny name, Groundhogg is certainly a good value. Some companies charge thousands of dollars for a few hours of onboarding training. Almost all CRM and automation companies charge based on the number of contacts in the database, also known as the “success tax”. You will find neither of these (anti-)features in Groundhogg.

And, being based in WordPress, Groundhogg simply integrates better, without a lot of expensive and high maintenance technology – we like that.

It’s easy to get started with a Free Trial.

BUT, we have found some issues…development velocity seems to crawl, and we don’t like some of their decisions, which seem arbitrary (and bad), and remove choice. GH decided not to block Catchall results from ZeroBounce and offers no option…GH specifically removed the option to automatically create a WP user on Contact Creation, whereas that’s a checkbox option with FluentCRM.

So, we are moving to FluentCRM, the other WordPress CRM and marketing automation platform.

Here are some of the factors, in addition to the above :

  • GH being around 18 months late on PHP8
  • Fluent has 10x as many customers and,
  • Fluent has conditional blocks in the email builder
  • Fluent is one plugin, not 15, which I like
  • Fluent has more Integrations, like Bit Integrations, which I am leveraging to add a tag on Subscribe.  You will note Fluent as both Trigger and Action
  • Fluent makes FluentForms, which I am using as a frontend
  • Fluent makes FluentSMTP, which I will use to provide access to AWS

But, yeah, Fluent seems less business-like – no contracts, or deal tracking or ZeroBounce checking, or a lot of things…that GH has extensions for.

Oh, and on Black Friday, and with subsequent email coupon codes, Fluent is $35 per site per year at 5 licenses, where GH is $480 per year for 5 licenses. For some reason, I was able to add the Free Downloads of my lead magnets into the DoubleOptIn Success message, where it was more of a hassle in Groundhogg…Oh, Fluent does Double Opt In.as a checkbox option, no need to build a funnel like in Groundhogg.

FluentCRM (<- Affiliate Link) is a cornerstone of our Inbusiness.Today platform for WordPress

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